Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Best Compliment

As a writer, what is the best compliment that you can receive from a reader? I have heard many good compliments concerning, The River Hideaway. Some people read it in one day, even though it is 311 pages. Many people said they could not put it down. Many kind remarks said about the characters, which is also great. I never desired to be that writer that devotes two pages to describing clouds. My desire was for people to be engaged with my characters. Still, that is not the best compliment for me. The best coincides nicely with one of my favorite sayings.

"Less is more."

The single best thing that I have been blessed to  hear from a few people is, "I did not want it to end."

That simple statement speaks volumes. My story kept them engaged. They did not say, "It was good, but it was fifty pages too long. Think in terms of movies. How often have we viewed a movie and said later, "It was good but it was about thirty minutes too long." Or, "It was a good beginning and ending, but it bogged down in the middle somewhat." 

Simply stated, I never wanted to waste the reader's time, regardless of the length of the story. 

The year is 1967 and Wilmington, NC, is embedded in racial turmoil. Bret Marin and Money Wilkins, forge an improbable friendship.

 Bret’s life is constructed around his love for his little brother Alex and hatred of their cruel wealthy father.

Money possesses no external luxuries but thanks to his proud black father, Clarence, a builder of houses and lives, he has the greater riches. When his beautiful sister Teke visits it sets off a series of events no one could foresee. The most chilling being the dark night the Klan appears.


Ann K. Howley said...

Patrick, congratulations on your wonderful achievement!

John Addiego said...

Great array of colorful titles and covers! And, yes, congratulations to Patrick!