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Welcome to the Weekly Round-Up everyone! Thank you for dropping in. Oak Tree Press has lots of news in our corral today. Be sure to check out our website,, for a complete list of all the great books we have available. But now, for your reading pleasure, our authors have news, book signings, events, reviews, blogs and more to share with you as we head into the Round-Up…


“Confessions of a Do-Gooder Gone Bad by ANN K. HOWLEY was awarded 3rd place in the Autobiography category at the Authors Zone Book Awards Ceremony on October 16, 2014 at the Rivers Club in Pittsburgh! 

Congratulations, ANN! This is beyond fabulous!

Shown here with ANN is Emmy Award-winning and legendary broadcast journalist, Eleanor Schano who was another winner that evening.

ANN also has an interview in Female First Magazine, which went online this week.


NANCY LI PETRI is proud to announce the release of "The Wooded Path.” She will be celebrating her launch with friends and neighbors dancing under the disco ball at a costume party at her home in Mooresville, NC, on Saturday night, October 25th. 

"The Wooded Path" is now available on and is my pick for the Featured Book of the Week. Simply click on the cover on the right sidebar of this blog or the following link to order now!
Author Anne Schroeder says "...Nancy's "The Wooded Path" is an edgy, thoughtful treatment of issues facing married women today, including friendships, self-growth and marital fidelity. An unflinching portrayal of women I felt I knew..." "...clever dialogue, and lots of real life issues pepper the page and make this a must-read for women struggling with middle age itch, the need for meaningful friendship bonds and the illusion that the marital grass is greener outside..."       

Author John Wills says " would make a great made for TV movie."

Author Janet Greger says "...The author’s stream of consciousness account of Laine’s quandary about the direction of the rest of her life, particularly her love life, reveals a lot about marriage and relationships in modern suburban neighborhoods..."

NICK CHECKER had a great review for his new release “Druids” on amazon.

Nicholas, I'm on Chapter 9 of DRUIDS and loving it! Great story line, highly imaginative, and interesting well-developed characters, great pacing, and side bar stories between the characters that add depth and zest to the character interactions. Plus I'm intrigued by the Druids, the Living Energy, and Power Roots, and am eager to see where you go with these concepts. I've been a fantasy fan since I read my first Conan story in my early teens, and DRUIDS carries on the grand tradition very capably. I hope to be at the halfway point by the time I turn in tonight, so I need to get off the computer pretty soon. You'll have an Amazon review from me. I will also be ordering SCRATCH in the coming days - or did you say that SCRATCH is coming out in paperback soon? If so I'll wait because I much prefer to journey by book :-)
 ~ Gregg Zimmerman

HELEN OSTERMAN, author of “Danger by Design” attended the Homer Township Author Fair this week. In the span of two hours, she sold 13 books, was interviewed by two newspaper reporters and was asked to speak at a women’s group. Not bad for one evening! 

BERYL REICHENBERG and her new kid's book “Clowning Around” were recently featured on Venture Galleries website. This site is for authors and readers. The newly released OTP book for young children up to the age of eight is about jealousy and the need to work as a team. When Charlie the Clownfish gets all the attention at the aquarium doing tricks for the children, the other fish in the tank become jealous. They devise a plan to keep Charlie from being the star, but the plan backfired. Ultimately, all the fish learn to work together to put on a fabulous show for the kids. Here's the link for Venture Galleries:

BERYL will also be teaching another class of book making for kids at the Studios on the Park on Friday, October 24 at 3:30 pm.. This class will feature Halloween books, either a spooky bat or silly pumpkin. Children older than six are welcome to attend. 

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MARILYN MEREDITH, author of “Murder in the Worst Degree” will be participating with the Central Coast Sisters in Crime on a panel about the age of E-Publishing at the Atascadero Library in Atascadero on October 25, from 1:00 – 4:00 pm.

J. L. GREGER, author of the new release, “Malignancy” will be speaking on "Halloween: Time for Medical Thrillers” and doing a book signing at Rio Grande Retirement Center on October 28. Bug, the Japanese Chin featured in her novels, will accompany her, but he refuses to do paw print signings!

TEKLA DENNISON MILLER, author of “Mother Rabbit,” will be a member of a 3 person panel presenting for the Life Long Learning Lecture Series at Fort Lewis College, Durango CO on October 30 at 7:00 pm. They will explore artworks inspired by Sr. Helen Prejean’s book Dead Man Walking.  Panelists include Charissa Chiaravalotti and Dennis Elkins. TEKLA will comment on the film, and journalist and music critic Judith Reynolds, will chair the panel and focus on the opera.

On November 12, TEKLA will be the guest author at the TWRAHS book group reviewing “Mother Rabbit.” The event will be hosted by Connie Jacobs, Durango, CO

ANN K. HOWLEY, author of “Confessions of a Do-Gooder Gone Bad” will be the featured speaker for the Peters Township Referrals group at their event at the Sharp Edge Brasserie in McMurray, PA on November 6 at 5:00 pm. Her presentation is called "Write a Memoir - and Try Not to Laugh." She will also be selling and signing books at this event.

THONIE HEVRON, author of “Intent to Hold” and "By Force or Fear" will be speaking to the Rohnert Park Rotary about the Writers Life on November 11.

JOHN M. WILLS, author of “Healer” will be the guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the Council of Catholic Women held at St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception parish in Fredericksburg, VA on Monday, November 17, at 10:00 am.

KEN OXMAN, author of “Reluctant Assassin” will be speaking about his writing experience at the New Canaan Inn in New Canann, CT on November 10 at 11:00 am.

KEN will then be having signing at Barret Bookstore in Darien, CT on November 29.

In December, Barnes & Noble in Norwalk, CT will have KEN come and speak at their Christmas Book Fair. 

MARY MONTAGUE SIKES, author of "Jungle Jeopardy" is one of two visiting artists at New Town Art Gallery in Williamsburg, VA. During September, October and November, she will display her novels and the coffee table book, “Hotels to Remember,” in addition to her paintings.


LORNA COLLINS, author of “Ghost Writer” blogs this week about seeing Susan Boyle in concert. Read all about it at

ILENE SCHNEIDER, author of “Unleavened Dead” and “Chanukah Guilt” asks if you have ever wondered why there are 9 candles on the Chanukah menorah? She also blogs about her work-in-progress and has answers to questions you never thought to ask. She also gives you a chance to ask any questions she hasn’t answered! Check it out at: WHY NINE CANDLES FOR CHANUKAH?

J. L. GREGER, author of “Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight” and “Ignore the Pain” was featured on fellow OTP author AMY BENNETT’s Back Deck Blog with her new title “Malignancy,”  the third book in her medical mystery series. J. L. will be a guest at John Wills blog on October 24. 

DAC CROSSLEY, author of “Guns of the Texas Ranger” the first book in the Border Trilogy, welcomes autumn to the cabin at Freeman Ridge. As we prepare for another season. How long before we must build a wood fire in the little red stove? Today's blog asks questions about today's entrada. How far ahead can you see?

That wraps up the Round-Up for this week. I hope everyone enjoys the Weekly Round-Up as much as I enjoy posting it for you. 

As always, if you have something you would like to submit to the Round-Up, send me an email at 

Big or small, old or new. I would like to keep our corral full of news! Comments, questions or suggestions are welcome too.

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Is it Friday already? Time just seems to whiz by, and Friday is always a good day to catch up on what the other OTP authors are doing. Nice job everyone. Beryl

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You do such a great job of getting everyone's info together. Thanks!

Nancy LiPetri said...

Thanks, Suzi, for featuring my new release. Congrats again to Ann, and to Helen O for such a successful two hours we would all like to enjoy!

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Thanks Suzi! I'm proud to be an OTP author.