Monday, December 29, 2014

Boris, the cat, on the table, on the sofa, on a chair. He's 17 years old, born in Oakland, California, where my son, Jeffrey rescued him and his sister (who is now deceased), and traveled to New York via Jeffrey's friend's lap. My daughter, who works for a fancy bus company, then had the two kitties picked up in a town car and brought to East Hampton. Here he lives, happily ever after (most of the time). We've had a dog, another cat, but he is currently the sole Pet-in-Residence.


Sharon Arthur Moore said...

He looks happy to be an only child! Rescuing animals is the best!

Bonnie A Kelly said...

He looks as happy as I dream all dogs and kitties can be someday. Think he knows how lucky he is or as cats do, does he come by it all as "his right as one who was once worshiped"