Friday, December 26, 2014

Carrot, the Guinea Pig

I adore cats, but my husband is allergic, so we are a cat-free house. I also like dogs, as long as they belong to other people. My son does have a pet chinchilla, Mr. Chubbs, who's adorable and soft and furry, but is pretty skittish. And I have a backyard full of squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, and groundhogs. I have ongoing skirmishes with all of them. I lose. (You can read about my groundhog experiences at

Instead of a pet photo, I'm sharing with you one of Carrot, the guinea pig who lives at the Rancocas Nature Center in Westhampton, NJ. I volunteer at the Center every week, and make it a point to scratch the top of her nose, which she enjoys greatly. She also loves to eat, so I check with the morning volunteer to make sure Carrot hasn't already been fed. As soon as she sees me, she starts to whimper as though she hasn't eaten in hours, even if the remnants of her daily meal are still in her cage. She comes by the sobriquet "pig" honestly.

I wonder if my husband will notice if I sneak a guinea pig into the house?

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Sharon Arthur Moore said...

Aww! Great story, Ilene. Very cute.