Sunday, December 28, 2014

Introducing Kichai, our male Siamese.  He's been a member of our home for the last nine years.  We've always had Siamese cats and when our last one died at the age of 17, we found a cattery in Arkansas and had him flown in via Salt Lake City, Utah, then Grand Junction, Colorado.  Grand Junction is 100 miles from home, so he made the last leg of his trip via our car.

He didn't make a peep the entire trip and, as it turns out, he is mute.  He can hear fine, but he only whispers for a meow.  He had a cyst in his eustachian tube when he arrived, plus an URI.  After two different surgeries and 15 days in a vet hospital in Grand Junction, he is fine.  I won't even tell you what that cost us, but he's worth it.


He's only allowed outside in a harness and this is what he looks like when he's being walked on the deck and decides to peek in to see what I'm up to.  We bought him as an anniversary gift for each other and he's truly the gift that keeps on giving.



Sharon Arthur Moore said...

What a traveling tail (tale)! Great story about what we will do for furry family.

Deb Champagne said...

He's beautiful. Lucky kitty, lucky you.