Saturday, December 27, 2014


Maudie was a rescue dog we fostered. We are part of the Desert Labrador Retrievers Rescue group in the Phoenix area. When our last black lab died several years ago, we weren't done mourning Pooh and didn't want another dog yet, but we knew we could foster and get dogs ready to go to their forever homes. And we did for a while.

Then came Maudie. She was picked up on the streets and taken to a dog pound where she was on the euthanasia list: she was old, fat, going to have medical issues, so she was pretty much unadoptable from their pound. Our group has pound walkers who find labs in the pound and bring them to our limited kenneling facility.

She had been in our group's kennel for several months (more dogs than people willing to foster). It was January 2, 2012 when we drove to the kennel to get her. She was very passive when we picked her up to foster and try to get adopted. They were right, at that pound. She was unadoptable. She was old, fat, and going to have medical issues. She also had a nasty habit of unexpectedly going after a person or other dog. Who knows what terrors she had on the streets and in the pound since that is very un-lab like behavior.

We gave it a valiant effort to find her a new home, but no one wanted her. Well, the upshot was we petitioned our board to let us adopt her. No dog likes to ride in a car more than Maudie (we kept the old lady name DLRR had given her). And no dog we've ever had sheds like her. We've had her on the green bean diet since the day we picked her up and it seems to make no difference! Our vet says to not worry. She's old, fat, but in good health, so just enjoy her. We're used to our dogs living very long lives, but probably not Maudie. She has the expected joint issue of old ones, but we've done that before, so we know what to expect.

She is sweet and loving. And we are grateful to have such an addition to our family.
Here she is waiting for Daddy after hearing the garage door open! She's a big girl with a bigger heart.


Billie Johnson said...

Wonderful story, Sharon! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for loving Maudie!

Sharon Arthur Moore said...

She a big fur ball of love, Billie!