Sunday, December 28, 2014

More about me, Frida Kahlo!

 This is me and Lovey CAGED for this long car ride! ugh! We didn't like it at all.

Eventually, it got too hot in the back car, so we had to go into an even smaller cage to fit in the space where there was air conditioning. I screamed for two plus hours...the horror! the humiliation!!

This was near the end at our old house before the big drive. My Mom was selling lots of stuff, so I tried to stick with the sign so no one would try to buy me!
This is James (yellow) and Blinky. I didn't know James at all ...Mom said James crossed rainbow bridge in 2009, and Blinky was never the same.


Jackie Taylor Zortman said...

Being a fellow cat lover, I absolutely love this, Billie. Beautiful kitties, too.

Sharon Arthur Moore said...

Our furry family are so sensitve to all around them. Love the "not for sale" picture! Ha!