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Welcome to the Weekly Round-Up everyone! As always, thank you for dropping in. Oak Tree Press has lots of news in our corral today. Be sure to check out our website,, for a complete list of all the great books we have available. But now, for your reading pleasure, our authors have news, book signings, events, reviews, blogs and more to share with you as we head into the Round-Up…

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Scratch, Nicholas Checker
Scratch is a rousing tale of loyalty, friendship, and courage – set in the mysterious world of feral cats. It shows vividly how cultures too often misread and mistrust one another, leading to ends that might have been avoided. Perhaps in the adventuresome pages of this tale, we might discover through our animal counterparts that alternatives to such unhappy conflicts do exist.

White Saja, a legendary tomcat of the wild woodlands, returns to his old haunts by the shoreline to rescue his onetime clan from a gruesome fate: a condemned housing development that has left the neighborhood ferals and strays bereft of the humans who once fed them daily. And it is through this quest that White Saja also learns of a far greater menace threatening both clans. Thus, the fabled cat of legend and lore must mobilize a frightened lot into accepting a daring scheme if they are to survive in a world that is less than kind to feral creatures. At the heart of their quest lies a fearful journey to the brooding Dark Woods where they must seek the aid of a creature whose very name has long invoked terror in them all.

My Dad is the Wrestling Coach, by W. V. Quarters

All Kristen Brockport wants is for her father, the legendary local high school wrestling coach, to stop destroying her burgeoning social life with his intimidating stares and grumpy disposition.  She truly loves her dad, especially since her mom walked out on them without warning years before, but his reputation and general demeanor have caused her problems no high school freshman should ever face.  When she develops a teenage crush on his new assistant coach, Mitch, Kristen decides to join her father’s wrestling team, against his stern wishes, but as the season progresses, Kristen forgets about Mitch, and instead focuses more on  mysterious senior standout Cal who is hiding a tragic, dark secret.  All is going well until her cancer-ravaged mother returns to rekindle their relationship and Kristen is placed in the middle of an awkward reunion.  As the championship match unfolds against her dad’s hated rival, Kristen is forced to actually wrestle in the deciding match, a nightmare she never imagined.  More importantly, however, she is forced to face some harsh realities about her family and, ultimately, herself.


Anne Schroeder's novel Cholama Moon made the list of 10 Favorites, outside traditional Western fiction and non fiction boundaries, for 2014 by True West editor Stuart Rosebrook. Her book was his favorite Western Historical Fiction. See page 57 in the upcoming Jan. 2015 issue of True West to view the section on Cholama Moon. Sounds fantastic Anne! Keep up the good work!

Eileen Obser, author of Only You, is very pleased that Tom Clavin (New York Times bestseller of The Heart of Everything That Is and Reckless: the Racehorse Who Became a Marine Corps Hero, among many other books) has included Only You on his list of favorite books to give as gifts -- "Local Authors' Book Picks" in Hamptons Holiday, a publication of The Press News Group, Southampton, NY. We are very pleased for you Eileen! Congratulations on this accomplishment!

Dac Crossley, author of Guns of the Texas Ranger, and several other Texas Ranger novels, is out promoting his books in the south! Here is a picture of him working promoting his books! Looks fun!


Helen Osterman, author of Danger by Design, recently attended the Sheppard High School Craft Fair and, with five other writers, did very well. They were talking to students, parents, and teachers about their novels and the interesting stories found within! Helen believes that authors should consider all venues when promoting their book/s. She sold a number of copies of Danger by Design, as well as other titles. Way to go Helen!

He has two book signings left for this year. Billy Beasley hard at work! Both pictures are from a recent event that he attended. Billy has recently been promoting his book, The River Hideaway, at numerous book signing events. Young to old, book fan or occasional reader, Billy has been spreading the word!  Keep up the good work! (He has two more book signing left for the year of 2014; the latest of which is at Barnes and Nobles this Saturday 3-6pm in Wilmington, North Carolina.)
You can check out his blog:

J. L. Greger will be signing copies of MALIGNANCY at Treasure House on the Square in Old Town Albuquerque on Sunday, December 21. In addition, she'll be vising Dru's Book Musings with a guest blog on "A Day in the Life of Bug." Bug is JL's real dog and a character in all her novels.

J. L. Greger, author of Malignancy and Ignore the Pain, has been busy these last few weeks! From promoting her book at events to writing for blogs, she's been working hard! Recently, Greger was featured in Rabbi Ilene Schneider's blog ( discussing her book Malignancy. Keep up the good work, Greger!
You can read more at her website


D. R. Ransdell's new blog covers meeting thriller writer Barry Eisler at Bouchercon 2014. Here they are photographed together. They look very happy in the photograph! Check out her blog and read about what she had to say about Barry!

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