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Welcome to the Weekly Round-Up everyone! As always, thank you for dropping in. Oak Tree Press has lots of news in our corral today. After receving feedback from several authors about the possibility of linking our blog posts instantly to Facebook, we did some research and found out how to do this. We have linked it to twitter as well! Be on the lookout for those posts on both sites. Be sure to check out our website,, for a complete list of all the great books we have available. But now, for your reading pleasure, our authors have news, book signings, events, reviews, blogs and more to share with you as we head into the Round-Up…

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No Vacancy, by Amy M. Bennett, has been recently published! Here is the blurb about the book: “close the Campground Saturday. This is your only warning. Your life is in danger.” So reads the note shoved under the door of the Black Horse Campground store as Corrie Black and her staff celebrate the first “no vacancy” day of the season. But is the note meant to be a warning... or a threat? When a man suspected of writing the note is found dead in a cabin, it seems that the threat is averted. Until the man's identity is revealed. Someone from Corrie's past. Someone who knew a lot about the Black Horse family... a lot more than even Corrie knew.... With the help of Bonney County Sheriff Rick Sutton and former Houston PD Lieutenant J.D. Wilder, Corrie has to dig into the past, into secrets that her parents kept, to find out who is threatening her and the Black Horse Campground and what it is they want from Corrie. But the deeper she digs, the more she finds out things that could change her life forever... if not end it!"

Eva Pennington, by Walter Luce, also went to press! Read the synopsis of the book: "Suspenseful, riveting, as brilliant, vivacious women take on the banking industry. Born unwanted because she is a girl instead of a boy, into a banking empire, Eva Pennington, at the age of twenty-three, inherits three banks, after her father commits suicide. While computerizing her banks, Eva realizes that women control ninety percent of the deposits in her banks, yet men make all of the decisions as to what to do with those deposits. She uses this knowledge to form a woman’s bank, securing huge deposits, and power, to become the largest banking institution in Florida. Eva’s motto, “Men, get out of the way. Women will lead, not serve.” An early reader says: “Walter Luce knows how to write about strong women, and Eva Pennington is one of the strongest. This is a story about a young woman taking charge of her life, and no one better get in her way.”


Nicholas Checker checked in with us as to what he has been up to, and it seems like he's busy working endlessly. Here is his update: "More good stuff going on with Druids and Scratch. Bank Square Books of Mystic, CT is hosting yet another Scratch presentation near the end of March (books still selling); Paperback Book Trader of Groton, CT has agreed to a follow-up presentation for both books; Book Barn in Niantic, CT is hosting an event for Scratch this spring, in conjunction with animal rescue groups and it looks like State Rep. Diana Urban (strong animal rights proponent) may speak there; a prominent restaurant in New London has agreed to host a Druids & Scratch presentation in its large community room regarding literacy and increased funding for its library, with the mayor speaking at this event ... and a magazine out of San Francisco (Conceit Magazine) that published one of my short stores wants to offer a copy of Scratch as a prize for a writing contest! Yes, I'm thrilled."

John M. Wills, author of Healer, has some exciting news for us! St. Mary Church's book club has selected Healer to be February's book. Book clubs are a great way to reach new readers and to get one's book out there, so good for you John! We hope the club enjoys the book as we do.

Marilyn Meredith, author of Murder in the Worst Degree, will be joining other Central California Authors at the Madera County Library on February 28. Marilyn will be showing her Rocky Bluff series and other titles. The event runs from 11 am to 3 pm. The library is at 121 N. G Street in Madera. Stop by if you are in the area! Sounds like a lot of fun in northern, central California.

Ann K. Howley, author of Confessions of a Do-Gooder Gone Bad, will be speaking about what it's like to write and publish a memoir at the Peters Township Public Library on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 7:00PM.

She is also pleased to report that between the raffle, book and craft sales at the Fight Cancer With Love Fundraiser on Saturday, February 7th, she and her husband and raised $450 for the American Cancer Society's 2015 South Hills Relay for Life. Way to go Ann!


Walter Luce, author of the Eva Pennington series, is involved with MoneyTV and he shared some information about some projects they are working on in California. This project in particular sheds information about creating Affordable Senior Living.

You may learn more about this by visiting the link provided below



This week's Blast From the Past book is April Knight's Sweet Dreams. A nice way to start off the Romantic season. Read a little more about the book:

"Funny, tender, inspiring romance stories for busy women who they they don't have time to read. Every story is different, takes less than ten minutes to read, will touch your heat and make you smile. Perfect for reading while riding a bus, having coffee, during the kids' naps or just before going to bed at night. The stories are about imperfect people searching for perfect love--young love, old love, lost love and re-found love--and feature unforgettable characters of all ages."


Rabbi Ilene Schneider, author of Unleavened Dead, was mentioned in February's issue of South Jersey Magazine. It is found in the "Southern Exposure - Names to Know" section, under the headline "Local people making a difference in in South Jersey and beyond."You may view it at the following link:

 Way to go Ilene!


Here's a fun blog for authors, writes D. R. Ransdell, author of Island Casualty.

Authors, here’s why you should see Birdman if you haven’t already: it celebrates fiction writing.

Lorna Collins wrote an interesting article on her blog last week. Here is a clipping of the post: "Next week is Valentine’s Day. This is the occasion when lovers demonstrate the depth of their affection for each other. For some people, this is easy and truly enjoyable. For others it’s never easy.

Larry has never been romantic. Period. Several years ago, I wrote his ‘non-proposal’ into “Finding Love in Paradise,” my novella for our anthology Directions of Love. When I took the chapter to our critique group, everyone said, 'That’s not romantic.'"

February comes around and springtime is just over the horizon. Here in Athens we have daffodils blooming today, and robins are moving among our lawns. Hooray!

A post today on Dac's blog, a note about Sam Houston. Springtime takes the old Texan back to the Texas revolution, and the sweep of events and unlikely characters that gave us the Country we enjoy today.
Read more on his blog:

The International Guy of Mystery (John Addiego) interviewed Elaine and her cat (Boots) by conference call from his underground lair. Elaine is the author of a series of Black Cat Mysteries, and she is a very nice person. Married 53 years, with two kids and four grand-kids, she's a member of Inspire Christian Writers, Sisters in Crime, and Cat Writer's Association. In her spare time she volunteers at the Elk Grove Library and the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop. If you are a cat lover, I guarantee you will love her series, available at Amazon in print and e-book.
(Boots was unable or unwilling to answer questions; it had something to do with legal counsel). Read more on his blog:

Robert Weibezahl, author of The Dead Don't Forget, recently read and commented about Graham Greene's novel, A Burn-Out Case.
You may read more about his comments and critiques at his blog, which may be found below:


That wraps up the Round-Up for this week. I hope everyone enjoyed this week's Round-Up! I look forward to your emails!

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