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Welcome to the Weekly Round-Up everyone! As always, thank you for dropping in. Oak Tree Press has lots of news in our corral today. Be sure to check out our website,, for a complete list of all the great books we have available. But now, for your reading pleasure, our authors have news, book signings, events, reviews, blogs and more to share with you as we head into the Round-Up…

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The Jaguar Tree shall go to press within the next few days! Be on the lookout for the book.
"A novel in which tropical storm winds topple a tree in Nicaragua, unearthing the bones of three men killed twenty years ago. Frank Alvarado, an American cop who’s come to Central America on a personal mission to retrieve a little boy, is urged by a priest to help in the murder investigation. Traveling down the San Juan River in search of the boy, Alvarado gets entangled with drug-runners in a web of deceit leading to the boy’s whereabouts: the hidden compound of El Tigrillo (The Jaguar), a sadistic mercenary commander. Here, in the heart of the jungle, Alvarado finds the source of old crimes and new as he discovers the identity of the triple murderer."


The Tucson Festival of Books is coming up soon! It's right around the corner and we hope to see as many people there! The festival is at the University of Arizona, March 14-15. We shall be set up at booth 116. hope to see y'all there!

On Tuesday, February 24, 2015, Ann  K. Howley, author of Confessions of a Do-Gooder Gone Bad, will be the featured guest and speaker at the McGinnis Sisters Book Club at their Monroeville, PA store at 6PM. After dinner, she will talk about her book, growing up, and "going bad... in a good way." Sounds like a good event to attend if you are in the immediate area!

Beryl Reichenberg, OTP children's book author, will be sharing her two butterfly books with children at the Granada Bookstore in Santa Barbara on Saturday February 21 at 2 PM. She'll be reading and signing the books as well as talking about Monarch butterflies and showing the children how to make their own butterfly book. 

Both stories, Butterfly Girls and When Caterpillars Dream are about the life cycle and migration patterns of Monarch butterflies. The central California coastal area has several places where these incredible butterflies winter over, most coming from the Rocky Mountains. Butterfly Girls is a story about two sisters who learn to fly with butterflies and their adventures. When Caterpillars Dream is a story about one caterpillar's dream of the long journey south she will take once she emerges as as a butterfly.


Dac Crossley, author of Guns of theTexas Ranger, was recently in Georgia promoting and selling his book! He was signing copies of his western novel, Guns of the Texas Ranger, to the Irish musicians, who were performing at The Globe, Athens, Georgia. This is what Dac had to say about his evening: "A cold morning here in Athens, Georgia. Nothing beats settling down in front of a nice warm - computer?"


J. R. Lindermuth, author of Sooner Than Gold, recently received positive marks on Amazon. B. Hauser is an Amazon reviewer with over 200 reviews. He gave J. R. a 5 out of 5 star review! It is always good to hear about OTP authors receiving praise for their work. Good job Mr. Lindermuth! Here is a snippet from Mr. Hauser's review: 
"Sooner Than Gold is a nice mixture of genres. Definitely a mystery, it also feels like a Western—either way, I found it totally entertaining. You get a real sense of history here, perhaps the precise moment America shifted from ice-cream, church socials, farmyards and social fabric to something more unsettled and sinister." You may view it here:

Ken Oxman, author of Reluctant Assassin, was featured in The Big Thrill Magazine online form the International Thriller Writer's organization. Here is a bit more about the section: "From escaping the marriage clutches of a Spanish beauty to being taken in the night and dumped in an Indian village deep inland along the shores of Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela, debut author Ken Oxman has lived a thrilling life of adventure.

Back in his days as a Navy officer, Oxman became fascinated with the dark and dangerous. This, coupled with the stories told to him by his father, a WWII RAF navigator on the British Mosquito and Sunderland Flying Boat, sparked the idea for RELUCTANT ASSASSIN, and his protagonist, U.S. Navy Lieutenant Nathan Blake."


Fallen From Grace, by J. R. Lindermuth, is this week's featured Blast From the Past book! 

Here is the synopsis of the book: "As the 19th century winds to a close, Sheriff Sylvester Tilghman of the small Pennsylvania town of Arahpot ponders his biggest problems: finding a new deputy and convincing his true love, Lydia, to marry him. But an early autumn day finds Arahpot’s usual tranquility shaken when a stranger is fatally stabbed."


Dac Crossley, author of Guns of the Texas Ranger, recently published a new post on his blog about the Texas War for Independence. Here is a snippet of the blog Dac posted: "Mid-February, and my mother’s image appears to remind me of the approaching anniversary events in the Texas War for Independence. The gauntlet had already been tossed with the Gonzales cannon episode – “Come and Take it.” Mom recited for us those events so crucial in Texas history – Santa Ana’s advance from Mexico, the perfidy of Fannin at Goliad, the storming of the Alamo, the Runaway Scrape, and the Battle of San Jacinto. (We Texans pronounce it “Jay-cinto,” don’t you know). February led to March." Read more on Dac Crossley's blog

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