Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Do You Love Your Publisher? An Author Survey

Hi, folks:

A Twitter friend of mine -- Anna Patrick, a book publicist and social media strategist at Media Connect in New York -- drew something interesting to my attention in a blog she wrote for Media Connect.

“Do You Love Your Publisher?” is a survey of  published authors recently posted online by UK author Harry Bingham and US-based publishing analyst Jane Friedman.

Here's Anna's blog entry on the survey:


The anonymous survey is 32 multiple choice questions. It doesn't take too long and the questions are excellent and well-thought out for the most part.

Here's the page explaining the idea and providing the link to the survey as well:


As you see on Anna's blog, many authors give an excellent rating to their publishers. And I certainly did as well. Always appreciative of what Billie and her people do for me at Oak Tree.

If you have the time, you might find it interesting to fill out.  And thanks to Anna for the heads up!

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