Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our Tucson Festival Recap and Pics

Millions of tents (it seemed!) covered the quad and housed authors, publishers and others from the world of books and publishing. The weather, except for that cursed wind, was perfect....not too hot, clear blue skies.

 We all agreed our booth was located in a prime spot, and we were all glad to have a corner location as well. With five authors plus a carousel of other titles, it was good to have space to showcase the titles.

Attendance estimates cited more than 100,000 visitors, and I can believe it. People streamed passed our booth all day, both days. I took pitches from many authors who were looking for publishing opportunities, plus met some people with services to I have lots of things to follow up on!

You can see Robert Richter and Amy's hubby put up the of various OTP titles and one of JL Greger's series. They caught a lot of attention, and withstood the relentless wind that whipped us both days.  My understanding is that the festival organizers save the tents and banners with the company, of course, we are already discussing next year's event.

Virgil Alexander was a super spokesperson for our company and all our titles.Clearly a man of many talents!

We were all thrilled with a celebrity visitor to our booth...J.A. Jance! Turns out she and Carolyn Niethammer have known each other for many years...Carolyn hosted us Saturday night for chili and wine and conversation in her superb was lovely and fun!

JL Greger was a master pitchman, suggesting our titles to all who came by the booth.

Grownups and adults of all ages roamed among  the tented seemed to me that Tucson residents really turned out for the event. I spoke with many people from Prescott, as well.

Amy and her husband, Paul...what super booth mates they were! Amy is a good pitchman, too, and Paul seems to be good at everything.
I was so pleased at the way our circular display showcased the books. If we put  a different title in each pocket, 32 books will be displayed at a handy level for shoppers to view. And the covers  really show up. In fact, when returning from one trip to the necessary room, I noted MARIACHI MURDER was plain to see all that ways away! The colors really project! 

DR Ransdell, sans violin, was also excellent in the booth! We did have plenty of time to visit, even though her mariachi band had a gig Saturday night and she had to miss Carolyn's party.

I had a wonderful time and feel the effort and costs of the trip were well worth it, considering the exposure of our titles and authors and the other contacts I made! Next year is on my goal list already!


Amy Bennett said...

It was a blast and we can't wait till next year's festival! We were a small fish in a big pond but we made a big splash!

Carolyn Niethammer said...

So fun to meet my fellow OTP authors and to get to know Billie better.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

Anne Schroeder said...

Love the photos and the energy. Thanks for representing us all.

Beryl Reichenberg said...

It looks like a fun event; thanks for the pictures and write-up. Beryl