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Join Lorna Collins and her husband on March 29 between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at The Cottage Gallery on Los Rios in San Juan Capistrano for the launch of Larry’s new sci-fi book, The McGregor Chronicles: Book 1 – Saving Mike. In addition to the gallery artists, enjoy food and entertainment plus the ambiance of the historic Los Rios District in San Juan Capistrano.Larry and I will appear together. He is launching his new sci-fi book, but we’ll have all our Start titles with us as well.

In honor of Women's History Month, the Carnegie Downtown & Business Library in Pittsburgh, PA has invited Ann K. Howley, author of Confessions of a Do-Gooder Gone Bad, to present a memoir-writing workshop on Saturday, March 21st from 2:30 to 4:30pm.

Ann K. Howley is a Wonder Bread, middle-class girl who has never thrown a punch, is cursed with a big bottom, and who celebrated a personal milestone when she finally drummed up the nerve to call a crabby lady a b*tch.
She is a regular contributor to Pittsburgh Parent Magazine and her articles have appeared in publications nationwide, including in skirt! Magazine, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, LA Reader, the Mirror newspapers, Writer’s News Weekly, Clever Magazine, The Inkwell.

Mary Montague Sikes, author of Evening of the Dragonfly, will be at the Crossroads Art Center Open House in Richmond, VA today, the 20th.

This is the synopsis for Evening of the Dragonfly: "Threatening telephone calls and strange cars with dark-tinted windows plague artist/teacher Farrah Ferand. Recovering from the tragic loss of her mother, Farrah is trying to adapt to the life of a small-town art teacher when she encounters Dirk Lawrence, a mysterious stranger. Her attraction to him is immediate and electric until Farrah discovers Dirk is part of the Lawrence and Pendesky investment firm that led to her mother's downfall a few years earlier. Farrah's not too perfect dating relationship with Tom Douglas, the town favorite football coach, worsens. An unexpected encounter leads to dates with Dirk and his help with the construction of a dream art studio in her rented house. But trouble looms with Tom who believes he and Farrah are engaged, and the entire town appears to be drawn in. Haunting dreams and lost memories overwhelm Farrah as she creates paintings for a one-person art show. Will shadows of the past ruin all hope for Farrah and Dirk?"

Ken Oxman, author of Reluctant Assassin, will be giving a book talk at The Lapham Center in New Canaan, CT., March 31st at 10.30am. This is the excerpt from Reluctant Assassin: "Meet U.S. Navy Lieutenant Nathan Blake. He’s a government hit man, one of the best…and he wants out. It’s December 1941 and America is at war.

Blake wants to fight the war as a sea-going officer, but he is much too good at killing up close and his covert navy department will do what is necessary to keep him busy.

He’s deceived into eliminating a lascivious Nazi general in North Africa, who has got hold of information damaging to the Allies, and a top German double agent in Singapore who wants to expose the Allies Far-Eastern spy network."

The Tucson Festival of Books was this past weekend! We saw many people, spoke and networked, as well as sold a good amount of books! All of the oak tree authors in attendance were thrilled with the outcome and we have posted pictures of the event in an earlier post, which can assessed at this link
We look forward to next year's festival and the opportunities it will provide!

Lucy Walton put Carry Me Home and the article "Top 10 Tips for Writing YA Fiction" in Female First, which is UK's largest independently-owned lifestyle, fashion, shopping and beauty news website. In the article, Tara Willis shares her top 10 tips to reaching the younger audience when writing a novel. She gives such tips as not providing too much screen to parental figures in books because young readers do not want a lot preachy, parental figures, and creating believable characters that are relatable to young people.

Tekla Dennison Miller, author of Mother Rabbit, presented at the Day Break Rotary at the Durango Colorado Recreation Center this past Wednesday. She spoke about her book, which covers the life of a women, who is caught in a dilemma during the 1960's: "living according to traditional societal mores and pursuing the promises of the feminist movement. Alyce’s stint as the Bunny Mother is set during a particularly turbulent era when even such a secluded environment as Playboy is affected by the Vietnam War, the Apollo I tragedy and back ally abortions. Her story pays tribute to the women who had the courage to break free from the oppressive standards of the day while also dealing with the universal dilemmas of single mothers including abuse, financial crises, the special difficulties of parenthood and the quest for self-fulfillment."

This week's Blast from the Past book is Blind Buddy and Mojo's Blues Band by Nan Mahon. Nan was a journalist before becoming a writer. Currently, she teaches others how to write and is a board member with a local library group. "A side of the blues… From a dive in Memphis to Carnegie Hall, blues music has no permanent address. Guitarist and singer Blind Buddy O’Brian is fighting his way back to the top of the musical hill where he was before years of drugs and alcohol kept him in the low rent district. A new hit recording rising on the charts is overshadowed by the murder of his band’s singer. Then, police tell Buddy he could be the next victim ...

Buddy is side tracked by a cheating manager, a designing female police detective, and his own pride and arrogance. In spite of the best efforts of his girlfriend, Ivy, and his dog, Mojo, Buddy finds himself on the bad side of the blues."


April Knight gave feedback about her recent book that was published, Dig the Grave First. She is a bit overjoyed, to say the least. Here is the statement: "It feels like Christmas to have my latest book released! It was so much fun writing "Dig the Grave First,"  I became very attached to all the characters and I found myself wishing the hero, Grayson Mac Gregor was really going to wisk me away to his wee cottage in Scotland. I am very grateful to everyone at Oak Tree Press for all the time and work and effort they put into publishing my book and putting a big smile on my face." We at Oak Tree are happy that we put a smile on your face and assisted you in the process of publishing your book!

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John M. Wills said...

So many new books and events involving OTP authors!

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

I will be at the Nipomo Library next Saturday 1t 10:30 a.m.with my latest, Violent Departures. I'm givinga presentation on How to Create and Sustain a Mystery Series.

Beryl Reichenberg said...

Good for you Marilyn. Sorry I can't make it, but good luck Beryl

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Once again, great blog, Jesus! The various covers and news are very appealing!