Sunday, April 19, 2015

Is Theatrical Reading Beneficial?

In my relatively short time as an Oak Tree Press author (Druids & Scratch), I am finding that there are worthy opportunities for events and sales where story-related themes are concerned. On May 3rd I will perform another theatrical reading of Scratch – a tale of a legendary tomcat’s quest to save his onetime clan from a gruesome fate. The story speaksout strongly regarding animal and human relations. So, at the upcoming Book Barn event in Niantic, CT on May 3rd, the owner is inviting some animal rescue groups to speak to our audience and will also have some rescue dogs & cats there available for responsible adoption. We may also have on hand a state rep who is a strong proponent of animal rights issues. She will speak to the crowd. It all ties in directly with my book which will be on sale. 

Recently, the city of New London, CT started a fundraising drive to support its public library. So I ran another event – reading passages from both novels at the Bean & Leaf/Carmelo’s CafĂ© – where the city mayor and library director both spoke on the value of literacy. I termed the event “Literacy & Arts” in New London and also invited Connecticut artist, Katie Loyd (who designed both covers for my books) to display and sell her works there. In keeping with the theme of animals/fantasy literature, other local artists also displayed and sold work at this event. We crammed the place with a highly appreciative crowd and all of us made out well with the theme and sales. Just saying that theme-related events can benefit everyone – including Oak Tree  authors!

-Nicholas Checker

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Beryl Reichenberg said...

I agree that theme related events are worthwhile and can be fun. They often bring in new people who might not ordinarily go to book signings. Beryl