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Unsuitable Treasure by Ronald Wendling went to press earlier this week!
A memoir telling how the author’s choices were influenced by his father’s addiction. Ronald attends a Jesuit high school in Buffalo, New York at the same time his father is recovering from alcoholism. But Ronald’s mother, unable to forgive her husband for his past mistreatment of her, fosters in her son a need to make up to her for his father’s sins and so delays the separation from her necessary to his growing up. He enters the Jesuit order at seventeen, his father dies of cancer shortly afterward, and nine lonely years later he leaves the Jesuits having discovered under their tutelage that he was not one of them. His marriage, his children, his career teaching literature, and the writing of this memoir all teach him mercy, especially to his body, and help him bridge the gap between his appreciation of the Jesuits and the necessity he felt to leave them behind.
Until the Sun Rises by Channing Whitaker also went to press this week!
"Eighty years ago, a wealthy Midwest family returned home from a magic show, after which neither they, nor the magician, Malvern Kamrar, were ever heard from again. When several bystanders died in their mansion, the house was sealed. After nearly a century of rumors and haunted stories, for a live TV event the mansion will be opened, allowing five contestants to spend one night and win their share of a million dollars. The contestants: a psychic, a high-tech ghost hunter, a Hollywood scream queen, a local woman, and a skeptic, fuel excitement as each tries to solve the mystery. Upon entering, the journal of the family patriarch, Vinton Drake, is discovered, illuminating the mystery, rooted all the way back to Vinton’s service as a medic in WWI, when he first met the magician. Departing from the familiar haunted house tale, this story explores the very nature of belief in the supernatural, with consequences more frightening than any ghost story. Intensity sours when the contestants discover their lives, and thousands more, are in genuine peril. Is the mansion haunted? What fate befell Malvern and the Drake family? And will the contestants uncover the truth in time to save themselves?"


Don’t forget to follow F.M. Meredith Marilyn along on her blog tour for Violent Departures. Here’s where she’ll be next week:

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In addition, the official book launch for Violent Departures will be Thursday, April 16th, 6 p.m., Porterville Library, 41 West Thurman. F.M. aka Marilyn Meredith, will talk about the birth of the Rocky Bluff P.D. series, and the ups and downs of the books getting published.
Cupcakes will be served.

Mary Montague Sikes author of Evening of the Dragonfly, will be participating in the A to Z blog Challenge through the month of April! She will be creating paintings for show by Farrah Ferand, the heroine of my latest book, Evening of the Dragonfly.
Here is an excerpt from her Evening of the Dragonfly book:"Threatening telephone calls and strange cars with dark-tinted windows plague artist/teacher Farrah Ferand. Recovering from the tragic loss of her mother, Farrah is trying to adapt to the life of a small-town art teacher when she encounters Dirk Lawrence, a mysterious stranger. Her attraction to him is immediate and electric until Farrah discovers Dirk is part of the Lawrence and Pendesky investment firm that led to her mother's downfall a few years earlier."

Cindy Ladage, author of When Matilda Made Time Stand Still, is busy, busy, busy these upcoming days! First, Lucy Walton at Female First Magazine.  is featuring her story "Top ten tips for going solo in fiction" on her site. April 18th, Cindy Ladage will be presenting “Everyone has a story” with Oaktree author Jane Aumann. Matilda and My Name is Huber along with Fairytales Are Fragile will be for sale at this event held at 10:00 at the Rantoul Illinois Public library.  The library is located at 106 W Flessner Ave, Rantoul, IL 61866, Call 217) 893-3955 for information.

The Sly Fox book store located in Virden, Illinois is hosting a book signing on April 25, 2015 from 11:00 am.-1:00 p.m. “I love working with independent book stores that have been so supportive of local authors,” Ladage said about the iconic store located at 123 North Springfield Street along Route 66s. Call 217-965-3641 for information

Nickorbobs Home Décor is hosting a book signing for Ladage during their Country Farm Home House Days on May 16, 2015. The weekend event will profile home décor items that are unique and custom made. Located at 14272 Frazee Rd, Divernon, IL 62530 at the I-55 and Route 104 junction, call (217) 628-9191 for details.

Children's Book Author, Beryl Reichenberg, will be celebrating Earth Day in Paso Robles on April 17 with a paper craft and bookmaking class for kids. Beryl will be at the Studios on the Park,. 1130 Pine, from 3:30 to 4: 30. "The children will be making an altered book. I'll supply the books from my wildlife series published by Create Space. This altered  book project is fairly easy as it involves only folding. The children can decorate their book and write about the animals or their conservation with the many punches, crayons, and pens supplied."

This week Ann K. Howley's interview with Editor Fran Joyce was published in Neighborhood Magazine for the communities of Mt. Lebanon, Southpointe and Upper St Clair, PA. She is also going to be speaking at the Bethel Park Public Library on Thursday, April 16th at 7PM.

Fran Joyce writes, "Ann describes her family with warmth and a healthy dose of humor; she is never critical or condescending. She has a talent for exposing people’s foibles, especially her own, with humor and understanding. We are invited along as she navigates through this confusing time, and we watch her world expand as she travels to foreign lands and contract as she returns to home base. Each experience helps mold her into the caring and compassionate woman I interviewed. No matter what your age, you will learn something about life and be entertained. Seeing events through the eyes of someone who was there is the best way to understand the past; acknowledging the good, the bad, and the funny is the best way to understand life."

The following Wednesday, April 15, at 1:30 p.m., Eileen Obser, author of Only You, will lecture about my memoir and talk about my own experiences as a writing teacher and memoirist, at the North Shore Library in Shoreham. Both libraries are on Long Island. At North Shore, one of my students, a professional musician, will play rock and roll (as in my memoir, Only You) on a Steinway baby grand that is in the room.

Douglass Seaver, author of The Fourth Rule, will be a part of a book author's event the 17th of April. He was one of five debut thriller authors selected by the International Thriller Writers to join New York Times bestselling author Lisa Scottolin. This major event will introduce Lisa’s latest novel, Every Fifteen Minutes, and will include readings, a panel discussion and book signings. I will be there to discuss and sign copies of The Fourth Rule. It will be at 2pm, April 17th, at Hagen Ranch Road Branch Library in Delray Beach, FL.


Thonie Hevron's By Force or Fear, the first Nick and Meredith Mystery, will be featured on TheFussyLibrarian on April 6th. This is a website where the author is charged a nominal fee for being featured as of two selected eBooks for that day. Subscribers pre-set their genre then level of language (profanity, etc.), violence, and sexual situations. On April 2nd, Intent to Hold was favorably reviewed by Underrated Reads.


Death of a Flapper by Marva Dale, is this week's blast from the past book. "The Roaring Twenties -- decade of wealth, abundance, decadence…. Tin Pan Alley ace private eye, Carney Brogan investigates the case of missing NYC career girl, Alice Prado. Alice, Carney learns, is actually Arabella Germaine, ultimate flapper, a beautiful platinum blond who loves a good time and ingratiates herself into the right circles -- and who has just turned up dead. From Long Island estates to the streets of the Bowery, Carney follows the clues. But after a run-in with mobsters, he wonders if he can survive long enough to discover who really wanted the gorgeous party girl dead."

Ilene Schnieder blogged about the making of charoset. What that is, you ask? Ilene recommends you visits her blog to find out what it is and how to make it! "I'm taking a short break after making the charoset for the seders, and decided to share my recipe with you. What is charoset? Go to and find out."

Dac Crossley recently blogged about an interesting subject matter. "The first Monday in April, and Spring comes at us like it means business! I'm told that the wildflowers - the bluebonnets - are all abloom in Texas -- but I have another question. Find out what it is on my blog!"

Do you want to find out about cliffhangers? See Lorna Collins's blog to find out more!


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