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Welcome to the Weekly Round-Up everyone! As always, thank you for dropping in. Oak Tree Press has lots of news in our corral today. Be sure to check out our website,, for a complete list of all the great books we have available. But now, for your reading pleasure, our authors have news, book signings, events, reviews, blogs and more to share with you as we head into the Round-Up…
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J.L. Greger will be signing her medical thrillers/mysteries (Malignancy, Ignore the Pain, Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight, & Coming Flu) at Treasure House (on the square in Old Town Albuquerque) on Sunday, May 24 for 12 to 3. 
Interesting side note: The owner requested the book signing. 

Beryl Reichenberg, OTP children's picture book author, will be down in Santa Maria at the Discovery Museum twice this coming week. On Saturday May 16, Beryl will be working with children on a dinosaur book and talking about dinosaurs. She'll return on Tuesday to read her book, Clowning Around, about a clown fish named Charlie who likes to do tricks for the kids that come to his aquarium. If time permits, Beryl will also read her book Backyard Birds, all about the birds in her backyard and their antics. "Many school aged children come to the Discovery Museum on Saturdays to play and do craft projects. On Tuesday morning there is a much younger group with their parents. Both groups are well within the age range for my children's stories."

Marilyn Meredith aka F.M. Meredith, will have a public event this Sunday in Visalia CA at the Neighborhood Bookstore!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to meet Marilyn, but also a dozen other local authors and artists!

Book signing this Saturday at Fireside Books in Palmer, AK. for Carry Me Home by Tara Willis.
Starts at 11:30am. All day event.
Refreshments and drinks provided.  

"Following the passing of their invalid father, the poverty-stricken Montoya family is barely surviving, as, together, they wage a daily war against the ravages of extreme poverty, racism and a system bent on separating and destroying them. Nine months after her husband’s death, his widow makes the difficult decision to accept an advantageous marriage proposal from a close friend, for the sake of her nine young children..."


History came alive on May 9 when a book reading for The Big Squeal was held in the actual courthouse where lawyer Abe Lincoln attempted to quiet noisy village pigs gathered under the floorboards. With original rough-hewn beams forming a canopy overhead, “Everyone got goose bumps,” said Carol Alexander, co-author, with Liberty the Pig. The book features the true story of Abe struggling to be heard over squealing pigs. Built in 1840 in the county seat of Taylorville, IL, the historic courthouse is open to the public. This was the first time “Squeal” was read in the surreal surroundings!

Cholama Moon was reviewed at this week. Although the story is a historical romance, the story references the Catholic Missions of California.

No Vacancy by Amy M. Bennett was recently reviewed

Dac Crossley spoke and signed copies of his novels at a meeting of the "Faded Petunias," the 70th reunion of the "Petunias," a  girl's club  from Kingsville, Texas High School. Four of the original 15 Petunias were in attendance, accompanied by their caregivers. Dac led a discussion of memoirs and memories.

Mary Montague Sikes, artist and author, was recently featured in Chesapeake Style's newsletter/magazine. She is featured on page 25 and below is an excerpt from the section:

"Evening of the Dragonfly by Mary Montague Sikes (Monti) is a wild romance-mystery novel set in the Fictional Tidewater town of Jefferson City. We meet our heroine and hero at the gate. We also learn about central conflict which keeps our heroine from fully accepting this new heartthrob into her life. Although it takes nearly the entire 260 pages to unravel the facts from Ms. Farrah’s unconscious fears and repressed memories, it is most rewarding when the story threads get neatly tied up in a bow by its end."

This week's Blast from the Past book is Dac Crossley's, Code of the Texas Ranger. Check out the synopsis below!

Old-time Texas Ranger Whitey Wilson is not welcome when he rides into the South Texas town of Kingsville. His old compadre, former Ranger Red Regan is sheriff and resents Wilson's interference. Both men courted Mabel Regan, who is now Red's wife, and jealousies erupt whenWhitey comes to town. What does Whitey want? The sheriff's job? Or his wife? 


As always, Lorna Collins has kept us up to date with her blog. Here is a teaser from her blog dicussion this week where she discussing a school reunion: "Several of us shared our grammar school photos and compared how we looked as kids with how we look now. We’ve held up pretty well!"

Tink's Tank is up and running on Venture Galleries this morning. Check out what the reviewer said about Gary Best's book, "Tink’s Tank by Gary Best has been, hands down, the best reading experience I’ve had in a long time! Best’s narrative is strong, vivid, and compelling, with characters so fully rounded and scenes so well depicted you feel as if you’re there beside them." 

Here is the

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