Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Number ELEVEN Packing for Vegas..Steve Scarbrough!

Steve Scarborough is an author and retired Forensic Scientist with over 30 years experience in Law Enforcement with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (yes, the CSI) and the FBI. He is an accomplished technical writer with almost 30 articles in trade magazines and professional journals. He also has two published humor books, “Not Tonight Dear, I have a Computer” and “The Hired Defense Witness Jokebook.”  Along with classes at forensic conferences, he regularly conducts workshops teaching forensics and crime investigation to writers.

Steve lives in Las Vegas with his wife, two daughters and his two “adopted” daughters.

Steve Scarborough does more than simply provide a compelling mystery in SCRAFITTO–he also paints a picture of the exotic Costa Rican jungle so real you can smell the wild orchids and see the white faces of the mischievous  Capuchin monkeys.  Scarborough does an excellent job setting up Mitch Sharp as a reluctant hero, an ex-cop with anger-management issues who has taken up photography in the laid back Quepos community, as much to earn a living as to run away from his past. With a cast of authentic locals and unusual expatriates, the characters are distinctive and realistic.  With a series of gruesome attacks set against the backdrop of the  Pacific, Scarborough weaves a tale analogous to the Costa Rican jungle itself, full of hidden danger and deadly drama.

Holli Castillo,
Author of Gumbo Justice and Jambalaya Justice

Billie Johnson, Publisher


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