Monday, July 6, 2015

Our Ninth Author Prepping for Vegas! Joe Haggerty!

Joseph B. Haggerty Sr. is a retired vice detective and academy instructor from the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C.  He was President of the Writers League of Washington for nine years and I am still a member and is a member of the Public Safety Writers Association since 2010. His novel,  Shame: The Story of a Pimp, is based on his experiences investigating child predators in prostitution.  In 2009, he received an award, Heroes of the Heart, from the organization Children of the Nights in California. Haggerty is recognized as one of the top ten law enforcement officers in the country for rescuing children from the street.   A number of his poems have been published in his FOP lodge newspaper and Tears on the Walls was recorded on a CD titled Heroes Unsung.  Haggerty is married with six children and eleven grandchildren.

In An Ocean in the Desert ...Two private investigators specialize in finding missing children. If they find the child has been involved with a sexual predator, they indirectly offer the family an additional service that guarantees there will be no future problems with the predator. The investigations focus on locating the child and identifying the predator as well as law enforcement's investigations as to who is eliminating these vultures.

The title relates to the last pimp/predator the investigators encounter whose street name is Ocean and uses the desert as a threat to keep his women in line. His final resting place ends up being in the desert.
This story is based on the author’s experiences as a vice detective who specialized in the investigation and subsequent prosecution of sexual predators who exploit children in prostitution and pornography.


Joe is a dynamic speaker...really knows his topic and has great passion for it. I hope he is on the agenda for a session again this year!!  See you at the Orleans, Joe!

Billie Johnson, Publisher


Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Joe is a speaker again, and speaking about this very subject. Hubby and I are both looking forward to seeing him again, he's a great guy and fun to visit with.

Beryl Reichenberg said...

OTP has a number of ex police writing crime stories. They can bring to their stories their experience which makes them more real. Sorry I'll miss Joe's talk. Beryl

John Addiego said...

I'm looking forward to meeting Joe and learning about police work from him! Viva Las Vegas!