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Weekly Roundup July 24, 2015

It's Weekly Roundup time again at Oak Tree Press. We're so glad you've stopped by again. Please check out our bookstore for a complete list of all the great books we have available. Perhaps you're headed on a relaxing vacation and need a good book to get you there or help you enjoy your stay. You're sure to find an OTP mystery or memoir to interest you, no matter what kinds of stories you like.

Oak Tree Press had a great presence at the Public Safety Writers Association annual conference last weekend. Several of our authors placed in the association's writing competition. We'll have complete details in an upcoming blog post. But now, for your reading pleasure, we have news, book signings, events, reviews, blogs and more from our authors to share with you. 


"All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they had really happened and after you are finished reading one you will feel that all that happened to you and afterwards it all belongs to you; the good and the bad, the ecstasy, the remorse and sorrow, the people and the places and how the weather was."

~Ernest Hemingway


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Susan E. Sagarra was interviewed earlier this week by Omnimystery News. The topic was her new mystery Cracks in the Cobblestone, and the interview delves into Susan's writing and research process for the novel as well as her writing life in general. She also talks about her work in progress, which has some interesting things in common with Cracks in the Cobblestone. You can read the full interview here. 

Cracks in the Cobblestone is a cozy mystery with some elements of the paranormal and suspense. The novel follows the stories of two independent young women beginning their adult lives in vastly different worlds. Amelia Thornton is the feisty 25-year-old owner of a school for young ladies whose husband vanishes along with large sums from the school and town coffers. Hardworking reporter Meghan Murphy encounters a strange presence at Mug’s Pub, her favorite haunt while on assignment. Grieving detective Harrison Parker's plans go awry, deepening the mystery of the missing husband and money. Unknowingly linked by a mutual obsession with the Titanic tragedy, the women cross paths to reveal a long-buried secret in the quirky town of Tirtmansic.


Book reviewer Kevin Tipple this week reviewed John Lindermuth's Fallen from Grace in his blog Kevin's Corner. Tipple praises the book, writing that Fallen from Grace "is an engrossing and complex mystery that quickly pulls readers into the world of Sheriff Tilghman. A world populated by fully developed characters in all walks of life that give rise to side stories and details. A world that is slowly changing before readers eyes as these are the waning days of the telegraph, gas lights, etc. A world that is full of history and mystery as well as the occasional funny moment. You can read the full review here.

About Fallen from Grace: As the 19th century winds to a close, Sheriff Sylvester Tilghman of the small Pennsylvania town of Arahpot ponders his biggest problems: finding a new deputy and convincing his true love, Lydia, to marry him. But an early autumn day finds Arahpot’s usual tranquility shaken when a stranger is fatally stabbed. Upon seeing the victim, Tilghman recalls witnessing a strained encounter between him and Valentine Deibert, an obese man with a wife half his age who had recently moved to Arahpot. The sheriff questions Deibert who denies knowing the victim. Tilgman is unconvinced, but lacks a connection until the widow arrives in Arahpot. Suddenly Sylvester is plunged into investigating two murders. As he works through an abundance of motivated suspects, Tilghman finds himself in danger. And worse -- Lydia is pushing her obnoxious cousin as a candidate for deputy.


Reviewer Jessyca Garcia, writing for Reader's Favorite, recently gave 4 out of 5 stars to Ann K. Howley's humorous memoir Confessions of a Do-Gooder Gone Bad. "I found all her stories funny and unique," Garcia writes. "I enjoyed reading about her life and recommend this book to anyone who has had a good deed backfire on them." The complete review is here.

Confessions of A Do-Gooder Gone Bad is a wry, humorous coming of age memoir about a well-intentioned “problem child” raised by conservative, evangelical Christian parents in Southern California during the sixties and seventies. As she naively stumbles through her youth and young adulthood, one misadventure after another, she also struggles to reconcile her ultra-Christian upbringing with women’s liberation, prejudice, protest, and poverty during this turbulent era, eventually gaining a different perspective of faith in a world more complicated, terrifying, and wonderful than she expected. 


Lorna Collins was featured this week at the Library of Erana blog in both the author spotlight and as a guest blogger. In the interview, Lorna talks about the books she has written, some of which are co-authored by her husband, Larry. She also describes the process of turning books into audiobooks, which she and her husband have done for the titles for which they have audio rights. One of those books is the OTP title Ghost Writer. You can read the full interview here.

Lorna's guest blog post is about the importance of research in writing and the process for completing it. Check it out -- you might find a few new tips for your own writing!  



Ann K. Howley just returned from a fabulous and successful trip to the West Coast to promote Confessions of a Do-Gooder Gone Bad. On July 15th, Ann spoke to an enthusiastic crowd at the Live Oak Public Library in Arcadia, California. (Check out that big poster on the wall that the library made to promote the event!)

Then I had the opportunity to talk about writing a memoir and sign books for patrons of Barnes & Noble in Las Vegas on July 19th.  

And of course, one of the highlights of her trip was stopping by The Orleans after my book signing to meet Billie and fellow OTP author Joe Haggerty.



Dac Crossley took his own advice from a previous post on his Western Blog and started reading more books. He just finished reading The Firecracker Boys, which is about the father of the hydrogen bomb and his attempt use nuclear weapons to dig a harbor in Alaska.

The long history of that failure brought back some memories from my time at Oak Ridge National Lab. One of those memories is the topic of his July 23 blog entry. Dan is the author of three OTP books, Code of the Texas Ranger, Guns of the Texas Ranger, Revenge of the Texas Ranger.


OTP author Denise Weeks, writing under her alter ego Shalanna Collins, was a top-ten semi-finalist in the East Texas Writers Guild's 2015 First Chapter Awards for published books for her young adult/fantasy novel April, Maybe June. Her novel, Nice Work, was the 2012 winner of OTP's Dark Oak Novel contest, and it is our blast from the past this week.

About Nice Work: Jacquidon Carroll has problems. She's diagnosed with diabetes and laid off from her job the same week, but that's nothing compared to being a suspect in the murder of her ex-boss. Jacquidon is convinced her replacement -- a young woman recruited from an Internet sex site -- is the real killer. To clear herself, Jacquidon steals information from the boss’s computer and the young woman's diary. The clues lead through a network of local sex clubs and the seamy underside of the BDSM (S&M) lifestyle. By the time Jacquidon gathers her evidence, the murderer is on the same page -- and intends to stop her.


That wraps up the Roundup for this week! We hope you enjoyed our news.

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Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Love hearing about what everyone is doing! Great job with the Round-Up.

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OTP writers are involved in a lot of good marketing strategies. Wish I lived closer to the West Coast.

John Addiego said...

Very nice to read all the good things going on! And so glad I finally got to meet some of the OTP writers and our fearless publisher, Billie!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Reviewed FALLEN FROM GRACE before. Just bringing attention to it again via Friday's Forgotten Books hosted by Patti Abbott. Thank you for mentioning my review here.

Joe Nowlan said...

Glad to hear the Public Safety Writers Association went well for the Oak Tree attendees.

I must try to get to one of those as each year I hear terrific feedback on it.