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Weekly Roundup: August 28, 2015

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"I read my eyes out and can't read half enough. . . . The more one reads the more one sees we have to read." 

~John Adams


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Two of the latest Oak Tree Press publications are now available on Kindle: LaCour's Destiny by Robert Downs and Is Everybody Happy Now: Growing Up After World War II by Shirley Skufca Hickman.

In the hard-boiled mystery LaCour's Destiny, Robert Downs introduces readers to Sam LaCour, who hasn’t given up on men, even if they’ve given up on her. She doesn’t give up on her colleagues either, even when a dead body turns up and she faints in front of the cameras, her family, and a television audience.

You could win a free copy of LaCour's Destiny in our Goodreads giveaway. Find out how at the end of today's Roundup.

Shirley Skufca Hickman is an award-winning writer who grew up in a Colorado coal mining town during World War II. She wrote about her early years in her first book, Don’t Be Give Up, and the story of her family continues now in Is Everybody Happy Now, which covers the post-war years.

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Albert vande Steeg's The Black Band was reviewed recently in Kings River Lite, the sister site to Kings River Life Magazine. Reviewer Marilyn Meredith writes "The author writes from experience and in an appealing and compelling manner. Each vignette is realistic, some with a touch of humor, others will make you wonder, but the reader will receive insight into what it’s like day-to-day – or on the night shift – for those unsung heroes who are protecting our lives and property. . . . Highly recommended." You can read the complete interview here.

The Black Band begins at the graveside service of Officer Augustino
as he is laid to rest. The sound of the bagpipe drifts over the departing crowd as they drift back to their duties fighting crime, corruption or mourn with friends and family. The story brings the reader into the hearts and lives of these cops at work and at the cop bar where they tell stories to unwind and try to make sense out of the lives they lead. 

The stories bring insight into the anxiety while working their beats and at home where wives and children wait to hear news of which officer was slain. The Black Band portrays cops at work, catching burglars in the act of committing crimes, discovering evidence of a robbery/homicide during a routine parole check and attempting to clean up prostitution and drug dealing.

The novel received an honorable mention in the 2015 Public Safety Writers Association 2015 Writing Competition.



Today is your last chance to get a free Kindle copy of No Bells, book 8 in the Rocky Bluff PD mystery series by Marilyn Meredith (aka F. M. Meredith), who is offering the free download as a special promotion.

Marilyn has this to say about the giveaway: "It’s a birthday present to myself. No Bells features Officer Gordon Butler -- definitely a hard luck guy, though he’s been a favorite of many of my readers. So much so, that when he needed a new place to live, someone offered the extra room at her house. I do hope many of you will try it out."

In No Bells, Rocky Bluff reels with the news that a woman’s body was found buried in a shallow grave, and the culprit of a series of home break-ins leaves a peculiar and disgusting calling card. Detective Milligan develops some concern that his partner has rushed to judgment on the case they are working, and the wrong person is accused of the crime. Officer Gordon Butler has finally found the love he’s been seeking for a long time, but there’s one big problem -- she’s the major suspect in the murder case.

You can enjoy No Bells even if you don't have a Kindle reader by downloading the Kindle app for your computer, smartphone, or tablet and then downloading No Bells here during the promotional period. Don't delay!

Beryl Reichenberg, children's book author and artist, will hold another paper craft and bookmaking session with children on August 29 in Santa Maria, California. The event takes place at the Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum, 705 S. McClelland Street, from 3 to 4 p.m. This event wraps up Beryl's three-week series of children's paper craft and bookmaking workshops in Central Coast towns.

This time the topic we will dragons. The children will be making Happy Dragon books, and there will be plenty of colorful paper, pens, markers, and punches available for the creation of their masterpieces. Beryl hopes that some of the children will write a story or poem about dragons as well. She'll be reading her story, A Real Dragon, which is about a young dragon who wants to learn how to breathe fire and roar like his parents. He becomes lost in the forest as he tries to find a quiet place to practice his growl. Told in verse from the dragon's view point, this story is for children up to 8 years old and features illustrations by 10-year-old Elise Hudson.

Beryl says "I usually have seven or more children who want to work on a craft project, and sometimes even adults participate. I try to develop projects that relate to my books and tie into a learning experience."

Beryl is the author of six children’s books published by OTP: Ants on a Log, Butterfly Girls, Camouflage, Clowning Around, When Caterpillars Dream, and The Mysterious Case of the Missing Birthday Cake.

Just a few days are left to enter her drawing for a free copy of another of her children’s book, I’m a City Bear, which she's giving away this month to a lucky newsletter reader. You can find out how to subscribe here.


J.L. Greger will be signing her medical thrillers at the Turquoise Trail Art Festival on August 29 beginning at 10 a.m. The event will take place at the Paako Events Center in Sandia Park, New Mexico, and features a collaboration of local artists displaying  their work along the Turquoise Trail.

The venues begin at The Church, an Art Sanctuary in El Cedro, Tijeras (5.5 miles south of the intersection of Rt. 66 and NM 333) and extend north to Henderson’s General Store in Golden. The Turquoise Trail then continues north through Madrid and Cerrillos.The many
stops between include the Scissors Village porch and parking lot, Tom and Jerry’s porch and parking lot, Contemporary Southwest and their generous parking area at the corner of the Sandia Crest Road and N 14, and Tinkertown and the Paako Events Center. 

Winner of the Public Safety Writers Association 2015 Writing Competition, Malignancy is J.L's most recent novel. Her other thrillers include Coming Flu, Ignore the Pain, and Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight.


Ann Howley will be attending the The AJC Decatur Book Festival being held September 4-6 in Atlanta, Georgia. She'll take the stage in the Emerging Authors Tent at 11:10 a.m. on Saturday, September 5, to talk about her coming-of-age memoir Confessions of a Do-Gooder Gone Bad. A book signing will follow.

Since its launch in 2006, the AJC Decatur Book Festival has become the largest independent book festivals in the country and one of the five largest overall.



Additional details about these event will appear in future Roundups.

Amy M. Bennett has been invited to participate in the second annual Celebrate Authors event sponsored by the Friends of the Thomas Branigan Memorial Library on Sunday, September 20, 2015, in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This event was created to showcase authors from the southern region of New Mexico and will be held at the Picacho Hills Country Club from 3 to 5 p.m. Tickets are $5, and refreshments will be provided.


Tekla Dennison Miller will be one of the local authors participating in the award-winning Pine River Library's 2015 local author's book display and sale in Bayfield, Colorado. The display/sale will be going up the first week in October for about two months - perfect for holiday shoppers. Each author will donate part of the proceeds to the Friends of the Pine River Library.



Want to be among some lucky readers who will receive free copies of OTP's latest release or a recent offering that's getting some great reviews? Surf over to Goodreads and check out our giveaways for LaCour's Destiny, our latest release by Robert Downs, and last year's Jingo Street, by Sharon Ervin.

Twenty copies of LaCour's Destiny are up for grabs between August 20 and September 5. In this hard-boiled mystery, readers meet Sam LaCour, who hasn’t given up on men, even if they’ve given up on her. She also doesn’t give up on her colleagues either, even when a dead body turns up, and she faints in front of the cameras, her family, and a television audience.

Ten copies of Jingo Street will also be given away between August 18 and September 10. This Dark Oak Mystery is a gripping novel about Max Marco, 36, who murdered his first man when he was eight years old. New attorney Anne Krease, 24, grew up sheltered like a hothouse orchid. When naive Anne meets the semiretired “enforcer,” the chemistry between them is magnetic.

It's easy to participate in these giveaways by following the links above. You'll need to create a Goodreads account or log in with an account you already have (you're already on Goodreads as an OTP author or avid reader, right?). Then just enter your address to complete your entry. Winners will be notified at the end of the contest. 

Good luck!



We like to dig into the backlist occasionally to bring you good books that you might not know about but may thoroughly enjoy. This week, it's Easy Money by Norm Maher.

The novel tells the story of Dick Braun, a deputy sheriff in an affluent Ohio township who is fed up with his job and wife and trying to hang on to his hot girlfriend. Desperate, Dick comes up with a plan to steal eight million dollars from an armored car and, with the money and the lady, fly out of the country.

He calls on an ex-army buddy to help. They get the cash, but there’s a double cross. The money’s on the loose, and Dick scrambles. Mixed up in a tangle of lies and betrayal are two former Navy seals, a Merrill Lynch broker, a bent Mexican cop, a rogue banker, a Brazilian woman to die for, government types, and people out to kill. Hey, it’s eight million dollars.

"Bordering on noir with a touches of humor, Easy Money by Norm Maher has it all: colorful, unique characters, snappy dialogue, unusual crime, sex, plenty of action, colorful settings, and a twisted surprise ending. Highly recommended." Marilyn Meredith, author of the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series

Norm Maher was president and creative director for a 4A, a Los Angeles advertising agency, where he won numerous awards for his copy and creative campaigns. He has also been a newspaper reporter, magazine editor, and USAF security intelligence officer. His stories and articles have appeared in Gallery, The Washington Post, Newsday, a writer’s project program, and local literary journals.

Available in paperback (284 pages; $10.00) and for Kindle (286 pages; $5.95).
Published September 26, 2008.
ISBN-10: 1892343509

ISBN-13: 978-1892343505 


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