Wednesday, January 20, 2016


There are certain job/duties/responsibilities that we all don't enjoy doing but, for a reason must be done. One thing I had never enjoyed doing as part of being a desk clerk is washing/drying/folding laundry. I used to complain to other clerks who didn't do the laundry before me and left me with hours of laundry to finish up.

When I took on my last hospitality position I hdid complained about the laundry. I still didn't enjoy doing it but it was there to do so...

I didn't necessarily have fun doing it but I tried to to do it in a way that helped it not be so monotonous. This may be an idiosyncrasy or eccentricity but it seemed to work.

Towels – I had washcloths, hand towels, bath towels, bath mats, and pool towel. I didn't waste time separating them before folding. I just folded whatever I pulled out from the cart. The process I used was I picked the nearest corner and worked down to the bottom. Just stuck my hand in and whatever it touches, I pulled out. Then I worked my way across the narrow side of the cart. When the front part was empty, I'd work my way back.

Pillow cases – The tedious aspect about these was, first I had to separate them into piles of Firm Regular, Soft Regular, Firm King, and Soft King. Then put them together in combinations of two Firm R and two Soft R and fold them. Ditto with the Kings. So, my cart was full of pillow cases. I grabbed an armful and placed it on the counter and started pulling individual cases out. This saved me from turning and bending so often into the cart. The Firm Rs were laid out on the top right counter. The Kings were laid out on the bottom counter. The Soft Rs were laid draped over the back end of the cart. Again, I didn't care what I pulled out from the pile. However, if I pulled anything but a Soft R, I continued to pull from the pile on the counter. If I pulled a Soft R, the next one was pulled from the cart. After the pile was gone, I draped the Firm Rs on the other end of the cart and pulled another pile from the cart.

However, there were times when the cart was stacked too high to either have a pile on the counter or to drape over the ends. In that case, I'd lay out all four types on the counter until I was down far enough to be able to drape over the ends. Also in that case, I'd do like I did with the towels by excavating one corner. However, the way they were piled I couldn't clear one end of the cart so I'd just work on another corner. Also, in this instance I'd still apply a special rule. Anything but a Soft R and I'd continue to work on the current corner or the cart. A Soft R meant I pulled one right from the top of the cart pile.

Okay, a little weird but I hope I have explained it so that you can visualize it.

It's all about trying to have fun with work that isn't.

What weird things do you do to make the tedious jobs fun?

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Beryl Reichenberg said...

I hate folding fitted sheets. I can never get them to look right. Sometimes I cheat and just wad them up - my mother would be appalled.