Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New York Times daily book reviews vs. New York Times Book Review

I know of very few authors who do not at least take a look at the Sunday Book Review in the New York Times.
In addition, many of us I dare say will check out what the daily edition of the Times runs for book reviews.
With that in mind, I found this recent self-penned Q & A by Pamela Paul, the editor of the NY Times Book Review, quite interesting.
It included one especially interesting passage that addressed something about which I've always wondered: the difference, beyond the obvious, between the NYT's daily book reviews and those that run in the Sunday Book Review.
Specifically, Ms. Paul writes:

"First, daily reviews at The Times are written by the three Times book critics: Michiko Kakutani, the chief critic; Dwight Garner; and Jennifer Senior. They are the critical voices of The Times, and they choose which books they review.

"At the [Sunday] Book Review, we do not have staff critics; we use freelancers. Our editors go through all the books sent to us and decide which books we think merit a review. From there, we decide who should review them."
So there appears to be a bit of a church-state separation between the daily reviews and those that run on Sunday. 
I guess it explains to an extent something about which I've been curious. Occasionally, I've seen books reviewed in both the daily Times and, perhaps 10 days later, reviewed again in the Sunday Book review.
A very nice problem for any author to have, obviously...
... er, assuming the reviews are more or less favorable, of course. There are no guarantees for that.


Billie Johnson said...

A very thoughtful discussion, Joe. Thanks for posting!

Beryl Reichenberg said...

An interesting post. It answered many of my questions about NY Times reviews. Beryl