Sunday, January 24, 2016

Why I Love Reading--and Writing--Mystery Series by Amy M. Bennett

It's always exciting when a new book is about be released... even more so when it's the fourth book in a series!

I love reading mysteries and even more so when they are part of a series. When I invest the time to read a book and come to know the characters, they become real to me and I want to know what happens to them after the mystery is solved. They have lives that involve more than just crime sleuthing: they fall in love, they have fights with their families, they share secrets with friends, they strive to be happy. They become almost a part of our families and we want to share in their adventures and troubles... from the safety of our reading chair, of course!

As we (my publisher and I) prepare to release the fourth book in the Black Horse Campground mystery series, I hope my readers are looking forward to seeing what Corrie, Rick, J.D., and all the other inhabitants of Bonney are up to and following along as they navigate the muddy waters of murder, mystery, and everyday life. 

“At the Crossroad:
A Black Horse Campground Mystery”

Trouble often comes in threes. It's no different at the Black Horse Campground.

On his first day as detective with the Bonney Police Department, J.D. Wilder finds three cold case files on his desk—three women who have disappeared over a fifteen year period at five year intervals. It seems that no one has ever taken the cases seriously... or even properly investigated them.

Then J.D. receives a visit from two former colleagues who inform him that he's about to receive another visitor; a woman from his past who is in trouble and needs his help. Again. The timing couldn't be worse, since he's finally about to ask Corrie on a date, but then Corrie also has a visitor from her past show up... someone who's hoping for a second chance with her. In the meantime, Sheriff Rick Sutton has his hands full dodging his ex-wife, Meghan, who insists on discussing personal business with him... business that has to do with digging up a painful past.

When three bodies are discovered that prove the missing women were murdered, J.D.'s investigation reveals that all of their visitors have some connection to the victims. But which one of them killed three women... and is prepared to kill again?

When trouble comes to Bonney County, Corrie, Rick, and J.D. band together to protect each other and their community. But can they solve the mystery before the murderer strikes again?

Amy Bennett's debut mystery novel, “End of the Road”, started as a National Novel Writing Month project in 2009. It went on to win the 2012 Dark Oak Mystery Contest and launched the Black Horse Campground mystery series, followed by “No Lifeguard on Duty” and “No Vacancy”, which have both been awarded the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval. “At the Cross Road” is the fourth book in the series.

When not sitting at the laptop actively writing, she works full-time at Walmart of Alamogordo (not too far down the road from fictional Bonney County) as a cake decorator and part-time at Noisy Water Winery in Ruidoso (where you can find some of the best wines in the state of New Mexico, including Jo Mamma's White!) She lives with her husband and son in a small town halfway between Alamogordo and Ruidoso. Visit her website at and The Back Deck Blog at


Jackie Taylor Zortman said...

Nice post, Amy. I love your cover, too!

Beryl Reichenberg said...

I like to read books in a series. It just seams that once you know the characters and want to see more, the story end. But in a series, there is always more. I marvel at how writers of series can keep the characters consistent but still manage to entertain the reader and maintain a fresh approach.

JL Greger said...

Nice post. You're really an optimist if you enjoy the time just before the release of a book. I always think that's a time of angst.

Jl Greger, author of thrillers
In I SAW YOU IN BEIRUT, a woman discovers her memories are the clues needed to rescue a nuclear scientist from Iran.

Amy Bennett said...

Thank you, Jackie and Beryly! Janet, a friend of mine, David Thurlo, said that sending in the final edits is like sending in your taxes... you don't know if you should be cheering or crying. That pretty much sums it up, but it's better than doing the annual inventory at Walmart!

Thonie Hevron said...

Nice post, Amy. These characters do become part of your family, don't they?

Carolyn Niethammer said...

I do like your characters, Amy. As I said in the posted review of your first in the series, I'd like to have these people as my friends. And I am envious of your main character's relationships with her girl buddies. Good luck with the roll out!

Amy Bennett said...

Thanks, Carolyn! I'd like to have them as friends as well... in real life!