Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Thought to Ponder by Walter Luce

Getting your book published is a great feeling of accomplishment. How many folks do we run into who say to you “I’ve been meaning to write a book”? Most everyone. Well you’ve done it! Be proud! A problem we run into is the business side of being an author or at least it seems that way. We go cold! We seem to think “I’ll let other people worry about that.” No one will care more about your book than you—not your agent, not your publisher or your friends. Only you can own it! 

We have a handbook that was given to us by our publisher that will, if followed, bring you the success and exposure you seek. I’m guilty of not working as hard at promoting as I do at writing. I’m going to make 2016 a year about sales and open that handbook. How about you?

You can view my work on my website. My Donatelli series: Miami Exit Atlanta Exit, and Vermont Bound.  My Eva Pennington series: Eva Pennington, Eva Pennington - Trouble in Georgia, and Eva Pennington - Damsels of Diversion.

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