Sunday, April 24, 2016

What a Difference Standing Up to Write Makes

"Varitec Desktop" ©Mary Montague Sikes
Have you ever gotten tired of sitting in front of your computer writing day after day? I know I did. That's why I was so excited to discover the Varitec desk that comes completely ready to install on a table or desk of your choice.

After I complained often about wanting to be able to stand while writing, my Knight in Shining Armor (KISA) got busy researching the best products. That was right before Christmas, and by Christmas day, he had ordered it and had it ready to install.

The problem was that I had my desk piled high with papers and books on all sides of my computer with no place to put the Varitec. I needed to do something with everything, and throwing stuff out was not an option. I decided on a new shelf unit from Lowe's, and KISA, with help from our daughters, soon had the very nice new set of four shiny metal shelves installed in a corner of my writing office. I went through everything and filled the shelves in a very orderly fashion.

Seeing the big wide desktop empty and ready was an amazing experience. To my surprise, as promised, the Veritec was ready to open and set down on my desk. It has several height settings, so if I decide I want to sit, I can.

However, I never have changed the setting that allows me to stand tall. This has done wonders for my posture. I am so pleased. What a difference maker this is for an active writer.

Mary Montague Sikes


Mary Montague Sikes said...

I am happy to be back to standing at my computer after a week at beautiful San Jose del Cabo at the tip of the Baja peninsula. The sea and the sky inspire both writing and painting. I've always painted standing up and feel much more energized writing that way.

Mary Montague Sikes
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Jackie Taylor Zortman said...

This is good to hear because I don't like sitting at my computer for hours on end, either. I've been wondering how these new standing desks were working, so thanks for letting us know.

Amy Bennett said...

I'm on my feet for eight hours a day at Walmart and it's hard sometimes when I get a day to write to sit when I'm used to standing. Guess I'll have to ask my own KISA (Paul) to look into this for me!

Mary Montague Sikes said...

Jackie and Amy, you won't be sorry. This is perfect. (I don't work for them:)) It's sturdy and has room to put your mouse, source material, and more right next to you. Thanks for commenting!