Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Many authors worry about publicizing their books, but don’t really THINK about it.

It’s not surprising. The hundreds, if not thousands, of articles, blogs and books written about advertising, confuse most authors. And many of the entrepreneurs, willing to promote our books for a fee, either frighten or repulse us. Perhaps, these pieces of advice will make you think about book promotion.

1. Be brief. Modern Americans have limited attention spans. Good ideas can be sold with a sentence or two. Of course, short blurbs and “elevator talks” are often harder to compose than long ones.

Which of these two short blurbs for Murder…A Way to Lose Weight do you like better?
Did the diet doctor get what she deserved when she risked her patients’ lives?
Two diet doctors endanger the lives of their patients as they test a new way to lose weight. Then one doctor is killed after she develops a conscience and admits their reckless shortcuts.

Maybe, you should write a shorter blog for your book?

2. Get your prospective readers involved. Experts claim consumers are more apt to buy a product if they spend more time looking at an ad or better still interacting with the advertiser.

In theory, prospective readers, who apply for a free book in a giveaway, are more likely to read a novel because they have invested time in entering the giveaway. Accordingly, five copies of Murder…A Way to Lose Weight are available at GoodReads ( from May 27 to June 4.

I suspect book signings and talks (not necessarily at book stores) are another way of increasing interactions with prospective readers. How do you increase interactions with your readers?

3. Create a positive image. Companies often sell products not by providing factual information in ads but by surrounding the product with other things shoppers liked, thus creating positive attitudes about the product. Think of Charmin toilet paper ads.

I think humor and pretty (or at least interesting) covers are two ways to create a positive image for a novel. I bet you have better ideas. Please share them.

4. Try something new. Over the last five years, I’ve used blogs, Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter to promote my novels. Although these social media avenues were new to me, they aren’t new and that is a weak spot in my book promotion activities.

I don’t know whether I’ll try Instagrams, but I am sure I'll have to try a new technology to promote my next book. Any suggestions?

5. Remember think (don’t worry) about publicity.

Bio: JL Greger is no longer a professor in biology at the University of Wisconsin, but she likes to include tidbits of science in her medical thrillers and mysteries. Her published novels include: Murder…A Way to Lose Weight, I Saw You in Beirut, Malignancy (winner of 2015 Public Safety Writers’ annual competition), Ignore the Pain, and Coming Flu. All are available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions ( For more, see:

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jrlindermuth said...

Good advice, Janet. Always good to think outside the box.