Sunday, August 7, 2016

Tax-Free Weekends for Books

This weekend was a tax-free weekend in New Mexico. The result was many residents rushed from store to store buying school supplies and clothes. I wondered:

  • Did the stores sell more or less #books (not notebooks) this weekend than on a usual summer weekend?
  • I realize a major purpose of #tax-free weekends is to increase sales, but shouldn’t these weekends also promote #education of children. How many parents thought about which of their purchases would help their children succeed in school? For that matter, did they think about what “success in school” meant to them and their children? Now I’ll be cynical, does the color of a notebook really matter?
  • Did shoppers ever think about their own education? Does reading novels, especially those with scientific or historic facts, contribute to their education and knowledge of the world?

Maybe, all books should be tax-free on a tax-free weekend, too.

Just a thought from a writer frantically working on her next novel.

JL Greger is the author of Murder…A Way to Lose Weight (a medical mystery with insights into modern weight control research) and Malignancy (a thriller set in Cuba with facts about international scientific exchanges). These novels won first place in the PSWA (Public Safety Writers Association) annual contest for published novels in 2016 and 2015, respectively.


Kassandra Lamb said...

I believe books should always be tax-free, like food is in most states. They are food for the brain!

jrlindermuth said...

Right. Books are the nourishment of the heart and brain and shouldn't be taxed. On the other hand, what politician is going to give up taxes for a mere book. That would be un-American.