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Weekly Roundup: August 5, 2016

Welcome again to the Oak Tree Press Weekly Roundup! This week, Holli Castillo (Jambalaya Justice) blogged about why the advice "write what you know" should only be taken so far. Then D. R. Ransdell (Dizzy in Durango) writes about how writing a series can lead to great book marketing opportunities. Summer may be winding down, but our blog is cranking up the interesting author posts. Don't miss out! 

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Thank you for stopping by for the roundup this week. Here as always, for your reading pleasure, we have the week's news, book signings, events, reviews, blogs, and more from our authors to share with you.

"I am reading six books at once, the only way of reading; since, as you will agree, one book is only a single unaccompanied note, and to get the full sound, one needs ten others at the same time.."
~Virginia Woolf

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Billy Beasley was featured in the summer 2016 edition of The Optimist, a publication of Optimist International. He writes about a coach who inspired him and changed his life:

"Ed Wilson was a baseball legend. He coached Little League Baseball for over twenty five years. His team, Hanover Center, won over fifteen league championships, ten county championships, and at one time enjoyed a winning streak of fifty games which set a world record for the most consecutive victories by a baseball team at any level. He also guided two All-Star teams to North Carolina State titles.

He was my coach for three years of my youth and a few years later as a young man I was an assistant coach on his staff. Coach’s teams set records that will never be approached and yet that pales in comparison to why this man was so loved by so many of his ‘boys.’ He impacted lives and none more so than mine."

You can read the rest of the story here, beginning on p. 28.

Billy is the author of The River Hideaway. The year is 1967 and Wilmington, NC, like much of the country, is embedded in racial turmoil.

Two boys on the brink of manhoodBret Marin and Clarence (Money) Wilkins—forge an unlikely friendship that alters the course of their lives forever.

Bret and Money find their friendship tested by the racially charged times, by the cruel demands of an overbearing father, and ultimately by an allure that develops between Bret and Money’s sister, Teke.  


Children’s book author and artist Beryl Reichenberg will present a paper craft class for children on Friday, August 19, from 3:30 to 4:30 at Studios at the Park in Paso Robles, California. The children will be completing a book in a box project.

Beryl will also have her books available for sale. She is the author of Ants on a Log, Butterfly Girls, Camouflage, The Mysterious Case of the Missing Birthday Cake, When Caterpillars Dream, and Clowning Around.

Clowning Around is the story of Charlie, a young clown fish who delights in performing antics for the children who come to the aquarium to watch the action in the fish tank.


Mary Montague Sikes will be on the panel “The Word’s the Thing” at the Virginia Writers Club's 2016 Symposium on August 6 at the Piedmont Virginia Community College in Charlottesville, Virginia. The event begins at 8:30 a.m.

Mary's most recent novel is Evening of the Dragonfly. Threatening telephone calls and strange cars with dark-tinted windows plague artist/teacher Farrah Ferand. Recovering from the tragic loss of her mother, Farrah is trying to adapt to the life of a small-town art teacher when she encounters Dirk Lawrence, a mysterious stranger. Her attraction to him is immediate and electric until Farrah discovers Dirk is part of the Lawrence and Pendesky investment firm that led to her mother's downfall a few years earlier.

 Farrah's not too perfect dating relationship with Tom Douglas, the town favorite football coach, worsens. An unexpected encounter leads to dates with Dirk and his help with the construction of a dream art studio in her rented house. But trouble looms with Tom who believes he and Farrah are engaged, and the entire town appears to be drawn in. Haunting dreams and lost memories overwhelm Farrah as she creates paintings for a one-person art show. Will shadows of the past ruin all hope for Farrah and Dirk?


Richard Paolinelli will be on Red Rivers Radio's No Limits with Barbara Hodges show on Tuesday, August 16, at 3 p.m. PDT. The theme of the show is Characters Gone Wild, and Richard will be on a panel of five authors answering questions as their main characters.

Richard is the author of Reservations. This mystery/thriller, is set near Gallup, New Mexico where the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni reservations are adjacent. Three tribal leaders have been murdered —murdered in a fashion that suggests the deeds were carried out by the COYOTE, a legendary evil trickster feared by many Native Americans. 

The tribal president contacts his old friend in the FBI for assistance in solving the crimes and preventing more murders. The FBI selects its star agent, Jack Del Rio, and dispatches him to New Mexico. Del Rio finds a situation tangled in political intrigue, and must work through those issues on his way to solving the mystery. Assisting him in his quest is Officer Lucy Chee. A romantic interest develops between the two. Del Rio identifies the murderer, but not without further bloodshed and loss. 


Lorna Collins updated her blog this week with a post about lessons she's learned. She writes, "One of the great benefits of getting older is you actually learn stuff. Here are a few suggestions I made to a younger friend when she was frustrated in her job. I think they hold up pretty well."

You can read the full post here

Lorna is the author if Ghost Writer.


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